During festival week, a series of public talks and conversations take place in the early afternoons, featuring musicians and composers talking about their work and the music they are due to perform later in the day.

These events allow the audience to get to know the performers and familiarize themselves with the context of the music that is to be performed later in the day. Known as “Conversation Club on the Heights“, these events are held at Dom Pod Jedlami [House under the Firs] – the grandest of the distinctive Zakopane-style wooden villas designed by Stanisław Witkiewicz – Paryski Hotel and Willa Astoria.

Normally inaccessible to the public, this is a wonderful opportunity, not only to listen to the interesting discussions held but also to look around and appreciate this historic building, built in 1897, which houses many unique and original pieces of Zakopane-style wooden furniture, applied arts and a few famous paintings too.